2023 December schedule and Christmas/New Year’s Holiday announcement

Thank you for coming to WEC Hair Website.

Many non-Japanese guests are coming to WEC Hair after the government recently opened the boarder. We welcome all of you to Japan!!

Hair salon is getting busy at this time of season, as many guests want to make their hair look nice before the holiday starts.

WEC Hair opens until 30th of December 2023, including 24th and 25th of December.  Our first business day of the next year is 4th of January 2024.

Please make a reservation before coming to salon. We have many slots booked during weekend, and almost times difficult to accept walk-in guests.  

You can send us email or LINE message or Whatsapp when you make an appointment.

We apologize in advance if we are unable to serve to walk-in customers.

Looking forward to meeting with all of you and especially those who come to our salon for the first time.

Thank you,

WEC Hair team



Thank you for visiting WEC Hair English web site.

Our salon is in Tokyo Shibuya-ku Ebisu. It’s very convenience place to coming to hair done.

Customer need to take appointment before coming to salon.

You can take appointment by



and Whatsapp too

So Many oversea customer has a Whatsapp account. We got a Whatsapp account too.

tap to Icon!!

Also you can read QR code from here

Also we have a LINE account.Add Friends!

Customer can ask us about hair style and taking appointment by Whatsapp and LINE.

WEC Hair is going to open limitedly after declared a state of emergency in Tokyo

It is very difficult situation in Tokyo at the moment. So many people are infecting coronavirus in Tokyo.

We already understand about it because Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city and almost people are using public transport, bus or train… It’s very busy everywhere so people infect is easy.

Prime minster declared a state of emergency on 8th April. Some of the shop are closing already in Tokyo.

I was very considering about this situation, I already know my friend salons closed already in the world. Because other country government ordered closing shop. But It’s was not strong order about Japanese one.

so Finally I decided WEC Hair open limetedly even after declared a state of emergency. 

We promise to protection all customers and staffs what is keeping clean and hygienic in salon.

For hygienic salon

  • Customers must make appointment for coming salon
  • We take a enough space and keeping clean air for customers
  • Maximum 3 customers can come same time(normally 4 customers)
  • All staff often wash them hands and gargle. 
  • Our staffs do not come to salon if they feels bad, or coughing or having a fever. They will announcement to customers and request to change appointment.
  • We use mask for working if they need.
  • Our opening hours will change depends on situation

For customers

  • Staff request to customers washing hands when coming to salon
  • We ready a alcohol spray for removing virus. Customers can use it
  • We served limited free drink service.
  • Please do not make appointment if your feeling bad, cough, having a fever.

WEC Hair would like to help customers for healthful and hygienic life. And Hair is growing even staying home. Please be careful to coming salon, taking enough distance in the train.

Please ask anything about hair and I accept customers request if you want to come to empty salon.

Thank you for cooperation!!

WEC Hair & Eyelash 




Renewal Website, and New year schedule

Finally new WEC Hair English website is coming now.

Easy to see even by smart phone.

And I am so happy to coming many customers around the world.

Some of  my customers are coming WEC Hair when they are coming to Japan for sightseeing. I think it’s nice experience to haircut in Japan.

Let’s try haircut by WEC Hair!!

By the way, WEC Hair close between 31st December and 2nd January for New year holiday.

Kenji will take another winter holiday in January.

I wish Everybody have a merry Christmas and Happy new year!!



English website error

This WEC Hair website couldn’t see well since first week November.

I apology about it.

We are creating new WEC Hair website for English speakers.

I hope I can show our all customers soon!!

WEC Hair


December holiday and New year schedule

I am sorry I couldn’t often update WEC Hair English website.

And WEC Hair take Holiday on 13th and 20th December.

We open salon even Christmas day.

We close salon between 31st December and 2nd January for New year holiday.

We wish great time for  Christmas and New year for all customers!!

Thank you,


WEC Hair



Summer Holiday

Maybe many people is taking summer holiday now.

and Japan has Obon-time at the moment until 16th August.

WEC Hair is opening while Obon-time.

So WEC Hair close on 9th August and 23rd August.

And Kenji is taking holiday 22nd and 23rd August.

Have a good summer holiday!!



New years schedule

WEC Hair open until 30th December in 2015.

Back to work on 3rd January in 2016.

We hope you have a great Christmas time and New Year!!


Summer Holiday

Kenji is going to take summer holiday between 17th August and 19th August.

Back to work on 20th August at 11am.

Please send me email or LINE if you want to take appointment.



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