Renewal Website, and New year schedule

Finally new WEC Hair English website is coming now.

Easy to see even by smart phone.

And I am so happy to coming many customers around the world.

Some of  my customers are coming WEC Hair when they are coming to Japan for sightseeing. I think it’s nice experience to haircut in Japan.

Let’s try haircut by WEC Hair!!

By the way, WEC Hair close between 31st December and 2nd January for New year holiday.

Kenji will take another winter holiday in January.

I wish Everybody have a merry Christmas and Happy new year!!



Natural Blonde Colour

This is my favorite blonde colour style by highlight.

rhegis (450x600)

It is not too much blonde, looks naturally, gradually lighter from roots to ends.

even roots is growing, you do not  need to do colour so often.

For make naturally blonde, I used 3 different colours. It doesn’t matter about your natural hair colour. even natural hair colour is black, I will be able to do it.

Please consider and ask Kenji about blonde highlight.

Thank you for coming in Rhegis!!

Movie shooting in Kobe

I joined movie shooting as hair stylist in August. Location was Kobe and Osaka.
The movie was called 'Equals'
It will show in next year.
Main actress is Christen Stuart. she was knowing as Twilight and Snow white.

I used to join movie shooting for Wulverin-Samurai in 2 years ago.
Movie shooing is good opportunity and great experience for me.

Actually my summer holiday was cancelled by this shooting, I will take another holiday soon. (I hope it)

It was hard job because location was outside in Japanese too much hot summer days!! We had to be standing outside while shooting. There was no space for sitting and no shadow around there... Temptuar was 36℃.
Well, I like to join movie shooting, but I don't like Japanese summer!!!

Anyway I really enjoyed those days for great job!! 

IMG_3029 (600x800)

This movie was using Tadao Ando's Architecture. This is Osaka's one. sooooo good view, isn't it?

Access to WEC Hair

Recently many English Customer come to WEC Hair. We thank to all customers. And few customers lost the way to WEC Hair So this is how to come to WEC Hair.   Come to JR Ebisu Station East Gate. East gate is upper floor

. 4845d6f84195433343af4503435b92d2 (420x315)

Down to escalator

P1020223_edited (450x338)

You will see this notice board. WEC Hair is in Ebisu 1Chome.

P1020224_edited (450x275)

Find Starbucks coffee

P1020215_edited (450x338)

go to between escalator

P1020230 (450x338)

DO NOT GO DOWN stairs. go straight.

P1020231 (450x338) P1020233 (450x338) P1020236 (450x338)

Walking just follow in this road. You will find Mizuho Bank.

P1020237 (450x338)

This is Mizuho Bank. Across the road.

P1020241 (450x338)

You will find Lottery Shop(Star check)  on right side(looking from station).

P1020240 (450x338) P1020248 (450x338)

Follow the arrow. this is small street.

P1020251 (450x338) P1020252 (450x338)

WWEC3586 (450x300)

Follow the way. just go to straight.(2-3min)



WEC Hair is 2nd floor in this building. It will take 5-7min from Ebisu station East gate. This is easy and fast way.   If you lost the way call to Kenji.

Fireworks in Tokyo Horse Racing


Last month, I went to Fireworks show at Tokyo Horse racing in Chofu-City.

In Japan,fireworks season is in summer.


But few fireworks show was cancelled by strong rain in this summer….

I was lucky I saw good fireworks!!


One of our new customer, she introduce WEC Hair to French & English Speakers.

This is web site


She came to WEC Hair first time and actually she came to Hairdressing salon first time!!

She has done cut & highlight in WEC Hair.

To go to hairdressing salon in abroad, many people is afraid about it.

I alway care for foreign customers before doing cut, highlight, also straight perm. so I think consultation is very important.

I can always answer your questions before coming to WEC Hair.

please use contact us, even just question.





Start Instagram

WEC Hair Instagram is coming now.


Basically our Instagram is for our English Speaking customers.

New products,  New technique  also local news of Ebisu….  We will post it!!

Please check and follow us!!



Tokyo’s Sakura(Cherry blossom) already changed leaf. Flower was gone.

In this year I do Hanami in Ebisu East park. this park is called ‘Octopus park’






And this is Meguro-river’s Sakura. night time lighting is soooo beautiful!!



Turumi-river(Yokohama)’s Sakura

sakura Tsurumi-river. shinyokohama
sakura Tsurumi-river. shinyokohama




Many Japanese people say Sakura is Sprit of Japanese. I agree.

this flowers open just 2weeks for a year.

but sakura makes happy Japanese when flower opened.


That’s why Sakura is beautiful.

Move to here

When I started as freelance Hairdresser, my friend made me website.


Lot’s of customer checked my ex-website.

But my new website is already in here.

So ex-website connected to here.

Welocome to new WEC Hair website!!

& Thanx to my ex-Website.


I can’t be going to often write this blog, maybe…. But I’ll try to best!!