WEC Hair is going to open limitedly after declared a state of emergency in Tokyo

It is very difficult situation in Tokyo at the moment. So many people are infecting coronavirus in Tokyo.

We already understand about it because Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city and almost people are using public transport, bus or train… It’s very busy everywhere so people infect is easy.

Prime minster declared a state of emergency on 8th April. Some of the shop are closing already in Tokyo.

I was very considering about this situation, I already know my friend salons closed already in the world. Because other country government ordered closing shop. But It’s was not strong order about Japanese one.

so Finally I decided WEC Hair open limetedly even after declared a state of emergency. 

We promise to protection all customers and staffs what is keeping clean and hygienic in salon.

For hygienic salon

  • Customers must make appointment for coming salon
  • We take a enough space and keeping clean air for customers
  • Maximum 3 customers can come same time(normally 4 customers)
  • All staff often wash them hands and gargle. 
  • Our staffs do not come to salon if they feels bad, or coughing or having a fever. They will announcement to customers and request to change appointment.
  • We use mask for working if they need.
  • Our opening hours will change depends on situation

For customers

  • Staff request to customers washing hands when coming to salon
  • We ready a alcohol spray for removing virus. Customers can use it
  • We served limited free drink service.
  • Please do not make appointment if your feeling bad, cough, having a fever.

WEC Hair would like to help customers for healthful and hygienic life. And Hair is growing even staying home. Please be careful to coming salon, taking enough distance in the train.

Please ask anything about hair and I accept customers request if you want to come to empty salon.

Thank you for cooperation!!

WEC Hair & Eyelash