Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

How were you doing in New Year Eve? Stay in Japan or Home country?

WEC Hair is starting work  from today, 3rd January.

WEC Hair open 3rd January until 6pm and 4th January from 10am until 6pm.

And Kenji take dayoff on





working until 2pm on 14th


in January.


Please tell Kenji before you want to come.

and this homepage will change soon. I hope new one is much easier to seeing by smart phone.


November Schedule

Kenji is not working 16th and 18th November 2014.

also Kenji is working until 3pm on 30th November.

Please take care when you take appointment.

Thank  you,


Schedule Changed

Dear all customers,

Kenji joins movie shooting with Hollywood popular actress.

He is going to Kobe between 18th Aug and 21st Aug.

Kenji back to WEC Hair since 22nd August.

Please take appointment after 22nd if you would like to come to WEC Hair.

Thank you,


WEC Hair


Summer Holiday

Dear Customers

Kenji is going to take summer holiday between 18th Aug and 20th Aug.
3days is not enough as summer holiday?

No, actually this is first summer holiday since opening WEC Hair.
So I will take more summer holiday in next year.
It is step by step….

Anyway, Kenji can not take appointment those days, and Kenji can not catch phone in those days.
Please send me email or using contact form when you ask Kenji for appointment.

Thank you so much!!


DSCF3104 (427x640)

April schedule & Tax rising

Salon is closed on 8th & 15th on April.

and Kenji is going to finish at 4pm on 7th(Mon).

Cherry blossom flower will finish on this weekend.

Did you do Hanami already?

Have a good spring day!!!



New Year Holiday and starting date

WEC Hair is closed between 1st January and 4th January.


We start since 5th January at 10am.

We are very happy to many customer came to WEC Hair.

Some of customers came from abroad.

Thank you very much.


We hope everyone spend happy new year!!



December Schedule

In japan, December is called ‘Shiwasu’

Shiwasu means even teachears is also running, because too busy.

So how is everybody? busy?


December salon closeday is

10th and 17th


WEC Hair is opening until 31st Dec at 3pm in this year.

and even Christmas day is opening.


We restart from 5th Jan in 2014.

We wish have a beautiful Christmas day and a Happy new year!!

tori3_edited (413x550)

October Long Weekend

It’s too hot today.

Summer is coming back now. Maybe winter will come soon, I think…

14th Monday is public Holiday again.


12th Saturday(today) is full booking. Thank you!!


But we still have a time on Sun & Mon.

Salon close on 15th Tuesday.


Have a good long weekend!!

September’s Schedule

WEC Hair September Close day.


17th (TUE)

24th (TUE)


We are also opening September long weekend. (14-16 and 21-23)

It is very good season for travelling around Japan.

Before travelling, come to WEC Hair and tidy up your hair!!

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