Access to WEC Hair

Recently many English Customer come to WEC Hair. We thank to all customers. And few customers lost the way to WEC Hair So this is how to come to WEC Hair.   Come to JR Ebisu Station East Gate. East gate is upper floor

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Down to escalator

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You will see this notice board. WEC Hair is in Ebisu 1Chome.

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Find Starbucks coffee

P1020215_edited (450x338)

go to between escalator

P1020230 (450x338)

DO NOT GO DOWN stairs. go straight.

P1020231 (450x338) P1020233 (450x338) P1020236 (450x338)

Walking just follow in this road. You will find Mizuho Bank.

P1020237 (450x338)

This is Mizuho Bank. Across the road.

P1020241 (450x338)

You will find Lottery Shop(Star check)  on right side(looking from station).

P1020240 (450x338) P1020248 (450x338)

Follow the arrow. this is small street.

P1020251 (450x338) P1020252 (450x338)

WWEC3586 (450x300)

Follow the way. just go to straight.(2-3min)



WEC Hair is 2nd floor in this building. It will take 5-7min from Ebisu station East gate. This is easy and fast way.   If you lost the way call to Kenji.